National Tattoo Convention 2016


The 37th annual NTA Convention will be held in
Orlando, FL
April 13th - April 18th, 2016
at the Doubletree at SeaWorld

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"LIVING ON & STRONG...NTA" ...Presenting Our 37th Annual Worldwide Family Tattoo Convention ... Orlando April 2016 We are kicking off our upcoming convention with a world wide membership drive. We are welcoming Tattooists & Enthusiasts alike to become a part of one of the worlds oldest surviving & most popular tattoo association. One continually sees NTA membership referred to as "family", as seen at our 2015 convention gathering in Beautiful Orlando Florida. Never in history will you have the opportunity to experience an organization that is second to none with our membership base, in the tattoo industry. Have a voice, be involved & spread the word, we continue to put out our hand to welcome all that truly care for their one of a kind profession. Please feel free to contact our home office @ 610 433 7261 or go to .You can download the membership application to join there or call us and we’ll gladly mail one to you. Also visit our website for convention updates and join our FB @: Become a part the deepest membership base in the world and experience the feeling to be a part of something great... "LIVING ON AND STRONG...National Tattoo Association"

Now for the first time in NTA history, you can enjoy your mornin' cup-o-joe in this beautifully handcrafted double cup... That's right, this cup even comes with the perfect hostess Miss Vicki... Be a part of history at the 2016 NTA Tattoo Show an get your cup included with your registration...See You There!

Note here: A few people told me they do not come to the NTA Family Reunions/Conventions because they are not part of the NTA Family since they are not NTA members.

My answer to that is this: Not holding NTA membership does not prohibit you from attending, nor does it make you unwelcome! Many who attend the conventions are not official NTA members. With that being said, membership is not a requirement. If you are involved with tattooing or have a love for the art, you are invited to share memories with the rest of the NTA Tattoo family, as you share the same common interest with the rest of us: TATTOOING. Please do not let your membership status discourage you from joining in on the fun of our family reunions. If you like tattoos like we do, you are family in my book.

We’d love to welcome you to the NTA Family Reunion/Convention!

Although we will not pressure you to become a member, we’d love to have you attend our events and consider joining in the future! There will be a number of charity events that take place on Wednesday. If you would like to participate in any of the Golf or Bowling events you may want to arrive on Tuesday.